Real Life Super Heroes…Help or Hinder? (Video)

Phoenix Jones, one of Seattle's caped crusaders!

Who knew there were super heroes living amongst us?  We just found out that they are living in Seattle.  What makes Seattle such a hot spot for crime that they took up residence there?  Maybe Seattle has a manageable crime limit they thought they’d be better suited for than in places like Detroit, Los Angeles or Chicago.  Or maybe they’re just, dare we say, stupid!

Phoenix Jones is a local super nutso that showed up on the scene in late 2010, but got his ass kicked in 2011.  He is what police are calling more of a danger for them than a help mate.  Police worry that he is going to draw some serious problems for himself and they worry that he will be seriously injured or fatally attacked.  But Jones doesn’t seem to mind even though he also has a day job and a wife and kids.

Back in January, Jones showed himself to be far more vulnerable than he thought.  But, he still maintained that he would continue to patrol the streets at all cost or risk to himself.  Check him out.  He’s not alone out there either.  There’s a profile of him and his crew on ABC, but we thought we’d first start with the latest report of the assault on him.

-J.C. Brooks

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