Facebook Sweet 16 Invite Goes Viral with ‘Public’ Setting

In Germany, Sweet 16 party goes awry when birthday girl mistakenly sets Facebook invite for "public."

Have you ever seen MTV’s”My Super Sweet 16″ show?  If you haven’t, it’s a show where parents go out of their way, and budget, to ensure their child has a Sweet 16 birthday party like no other.  Some of the parties are even replete with elephants, camels, or even lions.  Well, the lions didn’t work out, but you get the gist!  The parties are upwards of $50,000 and that’s before the lavish gifts.  Well, one girl in Germany spent nothing and had one of the most memorable Sweet 16’s to date simply by not setting her Facebook  invitation to “private.”

The young lady, “Thessa”, sent out an invite for a party her parents were throwing for her at their house.  Well, everything on the invitation was complete, with the exception of one little detail. She forgot to set the invitation to private and instead it was set for public.

Now! How do you invite yourself to an event like this one knowing you do not know this person?  Well, there are 1,500 nut jobs out there that we can ask that showed up in attendance for the party.  What’s even sicker is that 15,000 RSVP’d saying they would come.  Needless to say, her parents immediately dismantled the celebration and ran for cover to celebrate elsewhere while 100 police had to show up to disburse a crowd holding cakes, alcohol and other goods to say Happy Birthday!  

This just goes to show there really is love in the world.  They just wanted to give her a memorable sweet 16.  But sorry if the rest of the world doesn’t see it that way Germany.  They are just haters living in a cynical world and can’t see what you were trying to do. (wink wink)

Read how crazy the “party” got here.

-J.C. Brooks

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