UPDATE: Psychology Today Contributor FIRED!

Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa

Finally, a publication has taken responsibility for its actions…after a nudge from readers!  Normally, people talk a good game about weighing in on an issue, protesting, revolting, but this time the people really took it to the online streets and stood up against for an instrumental cause…BLACK WOMEN!! 

Psychology Today admitted being in error for putting up the article they dismantled almost as soon as they posted it to their site called, “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women? Why black women, but not black men?” Color Of Change.org, who define themselves as the nation’s largest African-American online political organization, spearheaded a campaign to have the author removed and/or an apology submitted to the public.

We reported the nonsense May 17, the day they posted it and it was met with contempt and shock, especially when we know that a lot of women that are not black try to enhance their beauty with attributes of black women (i.e. botox, tanning beds, butt implants).  Color Of Change posted the disciplinary action that was taken on their site.  Most importantly, Satoshi Kanazawa will not be writing for them again. He’s fired! Check it out here.

Maybe we can get together and make it so he’s unable to get published anywhere ever again. United we stand, divided we fall! 

-J.C. Brooks

6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Psychology Today Contributor FIRED!”

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  3. Wow, when a black person says something, iit’s ‘urban’ or ‘ rapping.’ when a non-black says the same, it’s always ‘racist!’

  4. Without “racism,” blacks would have to look in a mirror to discover the Root(s) of their problems. (pun intended)

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