We Remember: Clarice Taylor Dies at 93

Clarice Taylor

Clarice Taylor may hold different memories for different people depending on their lifestyle.  She has you covered in most domains of excellence and learning though.  If you were into blaxploitation films that maintained black pride, she was there with you.  If you were raising your children in the 70s and happened across the #1 learning show in the country, she was there too.  But, where most will connect with her and remember her is in her role as the beloved mother of Cliff Huxtable on the Cosby Show.

Most can recall great memories of watching her on The Cosby Show, but she spent more time on a famous street.  For 14 years, she was the wise, loving  Harriet on Sesame Street.  My personal favorite was a movie she did called Five on the Black Hand Side about a woman finally getting some backbone against her overwhelming husband, who asked her to call him Mr. Brooks.

She will defintiely be missed.  Check out more on her life and her beautiful career in plays and film here.

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