Popular ‘To Catch A Predator’ Host Caught Cheating with Younger Woman

Chris Hansen on "To Catch A Predator" grilling a perpetrator who has been CAUGHT coming to potentially have sex with an underage teen.

Say it ain’t so!  There was a time when you could trust a person was who they say they were.  But nowadays, folks jump out of trick bags everyday and fool you!  But being a member of the media, we are even surprised at this one.  We are entrusted with delivering the actual factuals everyday and we must be credible by, at the very least, living a life that doesn’t contradict the news we’re delivering to the readers.  And then here comes this Bamma! Continue reading

Police Say: ‘Get the ‘Plank’ Away from my Squad Car!’

When D.L. Hughley said that black folks have enough adventure in their life just being black, he is correct.   All of that got started because of the onset of bunji jumping. Then that even graduated to something called base jumping.  But no, white folk! You don’t stop there! You just gotta push the envelope. Now here you are with “Planking.” Continue reading

Facebook Launches a Phone?!


Can you say Facebook Nation?!  THE social network has taken on the world and has become the voice of the world.  Most of the planet is somehow connected through Facebook.  People all over the world are running home or fumbling with their cell phone to access their FB page.  But, there are so many things that our phones don’t allow us to access, so FB thought they’d help us out there too.

Now FB is launching their very own cell phone.  Those of you that have to update your status because you’re going to Continue reading

Toni Morrison Puts Her Home on the Market

Toni Morrison's home in Princeton, NJ.

There are writers everywhere that want to put their bid in on a home that is a priceless treasure to every type of writer around.  The home shouldn’t be on the market long with its close proximity to Princeton as well as the scenery of the Princeton, New Jersey neighborhood.  And, oh yeah, the home belongs to Toni Morrison. Continue reading

Chinese Migrant Workers Find Wives in Africa?

Comedians have long  joked about finding the perfect woman of another ethnicity.  Eddie Murphy’s famous routine involved him finding an African woman named “Um Foo Foo” who would become Americanized and leave him searching all over again.  But, Chinese men that are working in Africa are finding a life with African women as a real possibility for happiness and possibly balancing the man to woman ratio in China. Continue reading

Michele Bachmann A Real Candidate for President? (Video)

Michele Bachmann is NOT building momentum in her candidacy for President in 2012, but one man wants to believe that the media is hurling unbelievable untruths (the same given to Sarah Palin’s run) toward Michele Bachmann.  But the truth is that they both have been discredited with very good reasoning.

Mark McKinnon of The Daily Beast is stating his case for his conservative, tea party girlfriend Michele Bachmann saying that Continue reading

Medical Marijuana Could Cause Michigan Man to Lose Daughter (Video)

There is a double standard that comes with medical marijuana that causes a bit of confusion on the part of both the consumer and the general public.  No one would have considered the ramifications of medical marijuana use on those that have children. But now one father has to choose between his health and his child. Continue reading

The New Gerber Babies Ad Shows New Face of America (Video)

The America we’ve known for so long has been black and white.  But now there are many more ethnicities that have risen up in the racial ranks to be considered.  The Gerber baby was a reflection of America and was always a little white baby, but now the Gerber baby has morphed into dozens of babies representing the face of  new America. Continue reading