Consumer Alert: Is AT&T Fleecing America with Digital Charges? (Video)

Recently, the Today show exposed AT&T in a thorough report on the data usage fees they charge all of their iPhoneand iPad users. They are now in a class action lawsuit that states that AT&T “systematically overstated data usage by 7-14%.” They compared the data usage scam to a “rigged gas pump.” 

 A family helped out by reporting on their four iPhones.  The husband, who doesn’t use his phone much, found that he was using his cell phone quite regularly…to the tune of $15 extra.  There were other charges that were adding up that they referred to as  “phantom charges.”  In one case, they were all asleep and the phones were up and using the web.  C’MON SON!

And have you see the latest promotion in your city?  They are selling their iPhone 3 with 8 gigs for just $49.  Check out the full report here.  Some of you are going to cancel your plan before you get to the end of the video. 

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