Are You ‘Movin’ Like Bernie’ Too? (Videos)

We’ve seen some strange dance crazes come and go through our time, but this one has to be the dumbest so far.  I thought the Pee Wee Herman was a mess, but this takes the cake.  The dance is based on the 80’s film “Weekend at Bernie’s”  when these two guys carry their DEAD BOSS AROUND ALL WEEKEND. So, yes…he’s limp!

The Bernie dance is said to have come out of the South and is making its way across the nation. I know one thing, if I walked into a club and everyone was doing this, I’d HAUL ASS outta there!  And not only will you see the music video, but others who have attempted to come up with better videos too. 

Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

Sorority Girls Do It Like Bernie!

Children Doin’ It Like Bernie!

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