Jokey Joke: Beyonce’s ‘Run The World’ by 300LB. Man (Video)

Let me start this one off with a C’MON SON!  This is all kinds of crazy!  By now Beyonce expects to be impersonated by all kinds.  But, I don’t think she expected this one.  This dude is, obviously, on something.  If he isn’t, he needs to take something after he sees his own video.  This is one of those cases when it seemed like a good idea at first, buuuuuut…

Ironically, though, he is hitting some of the moves from Beyonce’s “Run The World” video on step.  And if nothing else, you MUST give him an “E” for effort because he is giving it allllll he has!  BUT!  Where he gains points for performance, he loses them in costume.   C’MON SON! If you idolize Beyonce, you could’ve at least broke out some hooka pumps or somethin’!

Check out this unusual rendition of Beyonce’s new single.  It will be etched in your brain for some time to come.  Enjoy!

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