HBCUs Are Becoming An Endangered Institution in Maryland

The Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are necessary institutions, but according to the state of Maryland they have lost their relevance now that other institutions or Traditionally White Institutions (TWIs) offer the same programs and more. But, HBCUs want the chance to prove in court that the money that was supposed to be spent on HBCUs was stolen from them and given to the other universities. And by doing this, the HBCUs have become less attractive for everyone.

Some of the HBCUs in Maryland are: Coppin State University, Morgan State University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  All of the schools showed up for court last Wednesday to witness whether the judge would send the case to trial. The money the HBCUs are seeking is in the  billions for the loss of funding between 1982 and 2009 that should’ve been spent to  fortify and build programs at the state’s HBCUs.

The Afro American reported that programs specific to HBCUs have been duplicated at TWIs and they put them at a disadvantage. “The plaintiff’s lawyers asserted that inequitable operational and capital projects funding coupled with duplication of specialty academic programs have widened the disparities between HBCUs and other Maryland schools,” according to the Afro.

The case has been held against the state for nearly five years and if it goes to trial it will convene on june 27.  Read more here.  This is definitely a case that every state is watching.

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