‘Dark Girls’ Share Their Misery in America (Video)

There has always been a racial bias between dark women and light or white women. Hell! The racial playground of America has always pitted white against black.  But, when it comes to the women or shall I say mothers, something totally different happens.  The bias in America of course leans toward white women or what reminds America of white women…light women.  And if we’re going to have an honest conversation about this dilemma, there is a documentary waiting for you.

“Dark Girls” is a documentary directed by the legendary Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry, that touches the heart of, not just dark women, but the country that built the perception that dark African American women had nothing to offer in their wombs.  A dark woman in the documentary talked about how hurtful it was when her close girlfriend had a baby and she came to see her and the friend said, “I’m so glad she didn’t come out dark!”  Self-hate. Self-hate shared with a friend that is a dark woman, who wants someone to celebrate her darkness not look at it as a curse and thought that was understood.  But self-hatred is blinding and bold and debilitating to everything it touches.

There are numerous stories in the documentary that will hopefully educate everyone, of all races. It shows a much deeper perspective; the penetrating effects of dark women being hurt at home.  It tells the story beyond the black men that only want to be with the light woman or (for those who don’t mind bringing her home) the white woman. It tells the story of dark women who weren’t celebrated by their own mothers.  The self-hatred these women experienced is profound and their eyes tell thousands of stories from around the world that their mouths could never speak.

This documentary will finally say what Spike Lee attempted time and time again to expose in 1988’s ground-breaking “School Daze” and his instrumental 1991 film, “Jungle Fever.”  Watch for the movie in Fall/Winter 2011.  Check out this monumental piece here and prepare to finally have the conversation.

-J.C. Brooks

10 thoughts on “‘Dark Girls’ Share Their Misery in America (Video)”

  1. Yet, these “dark girls” are the same girls noted with the highest self-esteem and self-love. I’m not saying that black people don’t have it hard at times but to say they are miserable is a fallacy. If anything whites are the most insecure and mierable race in America.

  2. Wow. That was powerful. Brought me to tears. Coco, you are obviously not a dark girl so I will forgive you for your callous dismissal of the pain suffered by dark girls by me. The pain of being rejected, chastised, criticized and looked down upon solely on the basis of skin hue, not only by fellow African-Americans but by fellow dark African-Americans as well. Thankfully, many of us have achieved high levels of self-esteem and self-love through perseverance and determination in spite of the hate around us.

  3. I can honestly say being a dark-skinned woman that I have not experienced racism at the hands of my people or others. I was a child in the 70s when we went through our black and proud movement, and remember how it was before that time. Can lack of attractiveness be the reason some of the women in the video were picked on? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. In this society we have been taught that a lighter-skinned woman or man with light eyes are more attractive, and this stems from slavery, but is it always the reason for the abuse. I believe that parents who do not teach their children to love themselves (skin color, eyes, hair) are also part of the problem — like the child in the video. Clearly her parents are not doing their job.

  4. What’s interesting is that Bill Duke directed this, a very dark-skinned black man BUT this woman I used to work who was an actress in LA years ago, dated him, and I can recall her specifically telling me that he had a preference for very light skinned women. This documentary is heartbreaking but very true. Dark-skinned sistas really have it hard. That is so true what the woman said about how many times white people see our beauty more than we do. We are such a self-hate race! God bless us.

  5. I am a dark skinned girl and have experienced what they’re talking about. All of this colorism is damaging to the self-esteem of the dark girl/women. Most black men only want you for sex, or when they’re broke and the chips are down, but if they have money and status they’re looking for white, bright and damn near white. That’s why I don’t really like black men in general. I don’t trust them or even like them including the light skinned folks. This is why I stay away from black folks in general. I don’t go to their churches, organizations, clubs, businesses etc. I don’t want anything to do with the so called black community. Why cause they treat darked skinned girls like an non humans. It starts in the family with the mothers, grandmother, fathers, uncles etc. They always praying and acting all religious and blaming the man, but don’t be a dark skinned girl/woman you’ll be attack on every possible level. Black community projects it’s self-hate, ignorance and powerlessness onto dark skinned girls/women. Even the conscious community is the same “sistah” this and that, but they love them colorless sistas to death! Okay by me cause I’m gone, outta here. They’re a dead, zombie people…later

  6. This is too much truth..it’s almost like reliving my childhood all over again. What I find sad is most of my tormentors were Black men/boys and Black girls/women. Consequently, the teasing and rejection by the Black race lead me to seek love elsewhere. I’m now happily married to an Angel who just so happens to be White/Jewish. My husband does not give race or color a second thought. He’s proud of me and love to show me off to his friends and family. I’m treated like a Queen by him.

    Thank you, Lord for sending me a Prince.

  7. While it is true that dark-skinned females are a lot of hatred from their own race, I’ve heard dark-skinned females say awful things about black people also. Dark females of all ages have called other “ugly” and “blackie” and “black-self.” So, they definitely know how to give as good as they get.

    Older dark females are the worst. They’ve been full of hate for years. And you can heard it in their voices.

  8. Who was it that said the dark skin woman’s womb had nothing to offer? Was it whites during slavery? Obviously, they didn’t have much intelligence to be slave owners/the superior race. EVERY WOMAN no matter her color or size is born to procreate. Even back then if a woman couldn’t bear children, it was b/c of an accident or a birth defect. But it wasn’t only dark skin women. There were white women who weren’t able to bear children also.

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