Whites Have become Target of Racism in America over Blacks?

America was built upon the destruction of a people.  The Africans kidnapped and brought to the shores of this country (those that survived the voyage and weren’t thrown into the sea) were subjected to the most horrific treatment of any people on this planet.  The reason it was the worst is because of how long it occurred.  We still can’t fully interpret and/or process the treatment of our ancestors and the effects of hundreds of years of displacement and inhuman designation.

Now that has been said, Newswise reported a new study that states that “whites believe that they have replaced blacks as the primary victims of racial discrimination in contemporary America.”  The study was conducted by researchers at Tufts University’s School of Arts and Sciences and Harvard Business School. The authors believed that America would’ve achieved better racial discord after electing President Obama.

Their study is equivalent to surveyers standing in the streets of New York city asking every African American and white person that walks by if they believe they are more discriminated against than the other.  Pure science!  Are you kidding?  Do you really need to stand behind what is supposed to be the prestige of Harvard and Tufts University to try and get America, to once again, pacify the post trauma of white hate. In other words, they expect that the world is treating them poorly because they have treated others with hatred.

Who is their control group?  Where exactly did they survey the 208 blacks and 209 whites in the nation?  Do you think any of the researchers made a trip to the ‘hood?  Even the fact that the white people were given one more surveyor, thus opinion, than black people involved is unfair reasoning.  Sorry Harvard! Sorry Tufts! Your survey does not fly here!  When you are subjected to Jim Crow and have to have your Voting Rights Act signed every few years come back to the table.  We might entertain this foolishness.  But those who need to see this mess for themselves can view it here.

-J.C. Brooks

6 thoughts on “Whites Have become Target of Racism in America over Blacks?”

  1. Whites believe that they are being targeted because they have treated people with hatred? Whites are being targeted by minorities, especially blacks because they are easy targets that give out of fear and guilt. It happens every day. I hope it continues until retribution is at hand. If someone sells my kid drugs are targets by family for violence of any kind, Ill hang whats left of your worthless ass from a tree. I don’t give a shit what you think is racist, eye for an eye. Stop with the jibber jabber.

  2. African slaves were never kidnapped by European American slave tradesmen. They were sold into slavery by their African owners.
    Further, you are one hundred percent wrong on the issue of black discrimination against whites. This is all a ruse, by the European American, to confuse the real racial issues. What are the real racial issues then, you ask? They are first, that African Americans will for the most part always be second class citizens in the minds and hearts of white people: generally. Second, that only a small number of blacks will ever be given leadership opportunities, so long as they fit the image white’s have of them, that of an inferior race status. Meaning know your place and stay in it or else. Because so many blacks can’t handle the truth about the perpetualization of racism and choose to forego any meaningful, necessary, physical confrontation at all with it, whites have nothing to worry about. Thus they can continue being racist so long as blacks fail to perceive that white racism, by Euro-American standards, has no end.

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