Dove ‘Visible Care’ Ad Creates Racial Firestorm

Dove soap has created an image of functional diversity on the common ground that all women meet on, how to improve their aesthetics.  Problems with the epidermis occur racially from dry skin to ashy.  But it appears that the poor Dove bar corporation, Unilever, made a horrible mistake in not comparing the range, but rather placing a “before and after” over the different skin types.

The campaign ad would make most do a double take when viewing the women and the juxtaposition of them to the wording over their heads.  The black woman standing underneath “before” suggests the worst case scenario of the skin followed by a latino woman in the middle showing signs that the skin is getting better, and then we get to “after.”   The skin is at its best when it successfully transforms into the white woman.

What else is there to say? Is anyone deeply offended and shocked?  Most are not.  We are always looking for hidden racism.  It is so commonplace that Tom Joyner has a whole segment of his show committed to it.  The remedy to commercial, supposedly, hidden racism is to make the right choice the next time you’re in the store.  Read more about the other racial offenses that have been attributed to past Dove campaigns here.

-J.C. Brooks

One thought on “Dove ‘Visible Care’ Ad Creates Racial Firestorm”

  1. this is the most ridiculous thing i’ve seen. i didnt even think that when i saw the picture. people are just too touchy anymore. get over it im sure that is not what dove meant when they made the commercial.

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