16-Year Old Fashion Designer Makes Prom Dresses for Free (Video)

Tanesa Patterson, 16, will make 35 girls Prom Princesses.

There are all types of donation centers for people in need of clothes.  There are even specific donation centers for women who would like to return to the workforce after a dilemma or who simply lack the resources for clothes that would be suitable for an interview or regular business attire for a work day.  But now there’s a young lady who is offering to give back to those less skilled than herself by making their prom dresses…for free!

Tanesa Patterson is a talented 16-year old fashion designer who is opening her heart to girls that are going to prom, when she’s not even old enough to attend her own.  According to The Grio, she had a contest that required girls to submit an essay on why they wanted to be a Prom Princess.  There were 35 winners and she will outfit them all from head to toe.

She’s designing clothes and selling them online under “Nesa Fab.”  She’s a remarkable young woman who is both talented and generously making dreams come true for girls who wouldn’t have had the resources for their prom otherwise. Check her out!

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “16-Year Old Fashion Designer Makes Prom Dresses for Free (Video)”

  1. Nesa, I hope you will be reading this, because I just want to say that I think you’re teriffic! Spending selfless time and money (as well as your creativity) dedicated to other young ladies you don’t even know is astounding, and, in these days, practically unheard of. Your mom seems like a great lady too. Cheers to you, Nesa. You are special, and an inspiration to this 43 year old woman. I look forward to seeing your fashions. I wish you the best of luck in your future, which I’ll bet will be very bright.

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