YouTube Bans Rapper’s Freak ‘Walmart’ Video (Video)

Mr. Ghetto in "Walmart"

We’ve survived Uncle Luke, Trina, Lil’ Kim, Khia and many other artists with dirty videos filled with skanky girls poppin’ their coochie and doing unimaginable things that should not be in a music video.  And with that said, it’s hard to believe that there are other artists that could find a new low to go to.

A rapper called Mr. Ghetto even shames the ghetto with what he chooses to put in his music video “Wal-mart”.  This video has more booty poppin’ than I’ve ever seen.   It actually makes the other artists’ videos I mentioned look tasteful.  Maybe if it wasn’t such a low budget production it would be average.  But, all the girls seem to be his cousins and some of the bullet-holed broads from the strip club videotaped on his uncle’s camcorder down the aisles of Wal-mart.

The crap is so bad, YouTube had to not only take it down, but ban it.  How crazy is that?  Uncle Luke has never even been banned on YouTube.  And if it comes out that he wasn’t authorized to shoot this mess on Wal-mart’s property, he can kiss his rap career bye bye!

According to AdAges,  it isn’t certain whether Walmart gave the greenlight on this production.  But surely, they should have a problem with these chicks droppin’ it like it’s hot in the store, having them try on panties over their shorts and booty poppin’ all through the “action aisles”, with some of them  inside the cart putting on a show.

Perez Hilton is running the video on his site.  You know he doesn’t care how low it  goes.  He stays in the dumps to get the gossip! Check it out here!

-J.C. Brooks

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