We Remember: Don H. Barden Dies at 67

Don Barden, dies at 67 from lung cancer.

The city of Detroit has lost one of its most well known businessmen.  He wired the city with Barden cable and at one time, he was nearly the only game in town.  But, he built an empire from the cable company, casinos and other ventures.

Don H. Barden, 67, lost his battle with lung cancer yesterday.  He is a native of Detroit who went on to seek his success and came back to the city with his cable business.  He started out with a record store, Donnie’s, in Lorain, Oh., that he opened when he was only 21.

Last year, according to the New York Times,  He founded Barden Cablevision which built the cable television system serving Detroit and several suburbs. Like BET’s former owner, Robert Johnson, Barden inked a similarly lucrative deal with Comcast.  In 1994, they bought the system for more than $100 million.

Read the story of this business giant here.

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