Woman Kicked Off Train for Blabbing on Cell Phone for Hours

Lakeysha Beard being kicked off Amtrak train for excessive talk time on cell phone.

How long are you able to talk on your cell phone? Do you talk on it in public places?  Are you one of those people who are texting throughout an entire movie?  Or are you the one at the cash register in the store, balancing a cell phone, yelling at your children and simultaneously shooting ugly glares at anyone behind you for thinking you are, in any way, out of line?  Well, if you are any of the above, don’t get on Amtrak with that foolishness! They are putting folks OFF!

According to MSNBC, Lakeysha Beard had been repeatedly asked to give her cell phone a rest.  At one point, she told the passenger, “Kiss my ass! I got a right to talk on my phone!  I paid for my ticket just like you!  Stay in your area and I will stay in mine!” (very loosely translated)  Ultimately, her mouth got her in trouble and police removed her from the train.

After singlehandedly talking a cell phone marathon for 16 hours, even after multiple announcements for passengers not to use their cell phones, she continued to charge her phone and blab from Oakland, Ca., to possibly Oregon where she is from.  She was charged with disorderly conduct and taken into custody until a family member could pick her up.

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7 thoughts on “Woman Kicked Off Train for Blabbing on Cell Phone for Hours”

  1. She should have been kicked off. This is a classic example as to why we should not allow cell phone usage on airplanes. Imagine being squeezed in close, enough to practically be in someone’s lap, to some idiot who has absolutely no regard or respect for others. How annoying. If Amtrak receives flack about kicking her off, then restrict cell phone usage to a single car, and let the rest of us ride in peace, Nobody needs to be that hooked up, and if they have so much to talk about, then they don’t have time for the trip on Amtrak–stay home.

  2. She should have been kicked off. Sometimes I ride public transporation and people are talking loud on their cell phone or playing their mp3 player so loud untill everyone can hear and I thought the earphones were solely for your ears so everyone else doesn’t have to hear your music and I could strangle all of them because everyone does not want to hear you conversation or your music its rude and inconsiderate and I’m glad her a– was thrown off the train, I wish the bus driver would do the same thing sometimes.

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