Game Show Experiences Racist Moment (Video)

Game show panel with racist Polynesian member.

There’s an intriguing game show out there and if you know what game show this is, we’d like to know.  The show seems to have an interesting platform.  The object of the game seems to be physical objects or people!  The contestants are supposed to look at a picture of someone and guess what type of person they are.  That’s what we gather from the small clip available online.  But there’s a twist to this particular episode.

In the clip we found,  the panel is made up of two white women, a white man, a black man and a Polynesian man.  And there’s a big screen above them with a photo of a black man on it.  Well, everyone goes around giving their description and feeling about the guy and then it’s the polynesian guy’s turn.  He’s giving his opinion of the man and at the end of his description says, “I don’t like him on the fact that he is black.” 

He’s so ludicrous, it’s funny.  It is so hard to believe that these type of people still exist.  And he’s a minority, pissed off because he has to hear and see our struggle and he feels like black people think someone “owes them something.”  And he’s jealous that we have the NAACP and other agencies to help us fight against geniuses like him.  He said, “We don’t have a BET! Or an NAACP to….”  He was cut off by the other contestants!

Check it out!

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Game Show Experiences Racist Moment (Video)”

  1. This was a game show that came on gsn several years ago. It was called “Without Prejudice” (ironically)

  2. As white people, we feel obligated to disagree with this guy, simply because we think black people cannot defend themselves intellectually, that’s how racist political correctness is.

    Black people have a chip on their shoulder and think the world owes them, if you don’t agree, then you are just new to black people. Hell, black people don’t even like black people for the same reason.

  3. People will always be ignorant like this Polynesian man and the second person who commented, James. Times need to change. Get a life.

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