Extreme Home Makeover Scammed, Couple’s Children Taken

Chuck and Terri Cerda and their two children Molly and Maggie.

Someone didn’t do their homework on ABC’s “Extreme Home Makeover” show with the latest catastrophe forming. Some psychopathic couple duped the show by using Munchausen syndrome type tactics to keep their children sick in order to get the new home.  Most of the people on that show are pillars of their community.  These two are appearing to be dregs of their community.

According to MSNBC, Chuck and Terri Cerda had a house built for them by the show in March 2009.   The episode circulated around their two little girls, Molly and Maggie, who at the time were 6 and 8 years old, and supposedly were suffering from combined immunodeficiency disease.  The family was able to get a fully-equipped mansion with “a gourmet kitchen, an elevator, a solar-heated swimming pool and high-quality air filtration systems so they wouldn’t have to wear surgical masks to guard against getting sick.”

Because the couple had mounting medical bills, they couldn’t find a way to pay the mortgage, so they ended up putting the house up for sale and moving to Oregon where the children’s ailments seemed, by pediatricians there, to be non-existent.  One doctor was so convinced that he called Child Protective Services and the state took custody of the kids.

Read more here on the case pending against the couple.

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