Quick Response Codes Unlock the Future

Do you know what a Quick Response code or a QR is?  Have you seen one?  They look like squiggly, jigsaw puzzle-like artwork that forms  a square and is similar to a barcode.  Just like barcodes that cashiers scan to ring up your purchases, this little thing may bring up an ad, a trailer for a movie, comparisons and reviews for the product it’s on and lots of other wonderful tidbits that can be accessed by simply scanning it with a smartphone.

The QR codes can be found anywhere from a page in a magazine to a sign in a subway station.  They are meant to completely enlighten you on the thing you find them located on.  Not only will you be educated or brought up to speed on the item, you may even purchase it if it meets your standards or appeal. Hamilton Chan, founder of Los Angeles-based Paperlink, a marketing-technology company, talked with USA Today and told them everything you can expect from the utility of the code… now and in the future.

Chan explained that the use of the codes have increased “45-fold in the last year” since ad companies have been using them more.  It appears the thing has become a bit of a one-stop shop since it works like a hyperlink.  As dependent as the world has become on the Internet, this thing will know no boundaries.  The codes will be on everything, maybe even people’s heads.  Can you imagine being able to walk up to a potential ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and scan them first?  All kinds of credit reports, HIV results, donor cards, license weights and child support orders will be burning up your cell phone.  Call us when you can do that, QR codes! 

Read here what they do now and will be doing in the future.

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