Trump Empire Built on Shady Tax Breaks

Donald Trump is always talking about big government and how much he is against it, yet it’s been proven time and tiem again that he is indeed in favor of government when it’s subsidizing his big deals.  The racist real estate mogul takes advantage wherever he sees an opportunity.  One of the largest breaks he received was a 40-year tax abatement for premium real estate at Grand Central Station.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Trump’s first slickery was persuading the then-Mayor Abe Beame (who was a political ally of the Donald’s father, Fred Trump) to rebuild the Hotel Commodore into the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central.  It was a massive property that had been left to the city’s wayside.  But, in the deal, the “city and a state development corporation” would back him in the makeover and provide a 40-year full property tax abatement.  In the first year of development it cost New York city residents $60 million.

Trump makes himself out to be a self-made man, who built his empire completely on his own. But, he had a lot of help from his father’s political connections, as well as inheriting his father’s empire, and tax break after tax break.  He’s also  put millions into lining the pockets of lobbyists and PAC groups to get what he wants.  He’s sought political favor in almost all of his major undertakings.  That is a major component for most businessmen in real estate development, but he is a hater of government involvement.

Read the long list of the government’s generosity he has received here.

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