Detroit’s Infamous Ex-Mayor Sues Mobile Companies for Releasing Text Messages

Kwame and Carlita Kilpatrick during the sentencing in his infamous trial in October 2008.

Part of the reason Detroit went into a tailspin is due to the unfortunate state of “affairs” that Kwame Kilpatrick left behind along with his highly publicized scandals.  But, long after the dust has settled on the case and he’s served one sentence and is in the middle of another, he has filed a lawsuit against the cell phone companies that released his texts (that he denied ever making) to the media.

Motown’s financial woes are partly due to this long drawn out case against the former mayor.  The city had to shell out hard earned tax dollars to defend the then mayor.  And after all of that, he’s still thinking about himself and he’s depressed and outraged, according to the Detroit News…and his wife, Carlita Kilpatrick.

Now that he’s trying to sue mobile companies, Bell Industries, Velocita Wireless and United Wireless Holdings for releasing the texts, his psychiatric details have been shared with the media.  He’s trying to make a case for emotional distress caused by the case saying to the communication companies in a deposition, “I don’t believe that I’d be sitting right here in front of you in this prison but for your action.”

Now you know it’s coming…I can’t hold it…C’MON…..SON!!!  This fool doesn’t have one moment of shame about his own actions.  Not only did he run the fair city of Detroit into the ground with him, but here he is acting like a spoiled brat and not taking any kind of responsibility for his own actions.  Detroit should be outraged, depressed and suing him more for emotional distress! 

This is too much!  I’m in total agreement, and I’m sure residents of Detroit are too, with the communication companies when they told the courts:

“In reality, Kilpatrick’s own actions — and his ongoing deceit — cost him his job as mayor and his law license, and landed him in jail (twice).”

Can the church say……………AMEN!!!

Read the full psychiatric evaluation and the rest of this bullshiggidy here.  When you read what his mother, former Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick, has to say about the case, you will see why he has the disposition that he has….Okay! I have to tell you one part of her reaction to the case because it is so amazingly ridiculous!  She said, “The helplessness and slavery that he feels is because of this.”  Did she just bring “slavery” into it??  O….M….G!

-J.C. Brooks

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