Congo Study Reveals 48 Women Raped Per Hour

Africa is in distress throughout the continent, but the Congolese nation is being hit hard by the worst imaginable crime against women…rape.  Not only is it barbaric, but the purpose of the rapes in the Congo is to humiliate and dismantle societies.  The militia leave behind broken women with, a lot of times, severe genital injuries like fistula, which cause leaking of urine and feces from the vagina.  The women stricken with such injuries are at times banished from their communities.

According to CBS,  Michelle Hindin, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health said that the study was based on face-to face interviews with women and a lot of them are not forthcoming with information about the  atrocity, so the number could be even higher. 

The Congo consists of 70 million people and the rate of rapes occurring in the nation is largely due to the war that seems to be ever present.  As a result, the militias that have been born from this social unrest come to destroy and dismantle the communities using rape as their weapon.  The survey performed states on average 29 Congolese women out of every 1,000 had been raped nationwide.  In comparison to U.S. rape cases, women are 58 times more likely to be raped in the Congo.

Read more on this disturbing report here.

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