Man Elected Mayor Cannot Serve Due to Gang Ties

Mayor-elect for Pawnee, Ok., Christopher S. Linder, 33, aka Big Slim.

One small town in Oklahoma is looking for a chance at a change with the new mayor they’ve voted in to help their struggling city. But, it appears that even though he was a candidate and was voted in, he can’t serve his public.  How is this possible, you might ask.  Well, it appears that there wasn’t a very good vetting of candidates because he somehow made it on to the ballot with felony and prison time in his past.

According to the New York Times, Christopher S. Linder, 33, also known as Big Slim, inmate #151011, was seeking a pardon from the state of Arizona in hopes of getting the opportunity to make good on being elected mayor of Pawnee, Ok.  The mayor-elect served a five-year sentence on a drug deal and drive-by gone wrong and this information was considered by voters during his campaign.  He went to the Arizona Board of Executive Clemency on Tuesday attempting to get the felony charges wiped from his record, but he was not successful.

He’s an upstanding member of his community, but he’s only been a part of the community for two years and the board thought that his gang member past was not far enough behind him.  It has not been quite two years since he’s been off parole, but Linder and his wife own a popular restaurant in the town and obviously are well-liked.

Check out the report here and see what else came out about his past.

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