Does ANYONE Need A Break at the Gas Pump? (Video)

I went to the gas station yesterday after being in the house sick for a couple days.  Imagine my surprise when I found the lowest grade Regular gas at a whopping $4.15.  The last time I went to the gas station was about a week ago and the lowest price was $3.86.  How could this be? And why hadn’t I seen at least one protest march or community leader calling for a boycott while strolling news channels for the last couple days? How is anyone been able to get to work?  Are employers giving out gas cards to help out?  Doubt it! 

But, then, on the horizon, was a great news report by analyst Cenk Uygur on MSNBC to give all the information we need to start our protests and boycotts.  He revealed the tax breaks and profits that big oil has been making off of us since 2009.  A PROFIT?  Yes, I said it! A PROFIT! How dare they make a profit while the nation is struggling! And you know Republicans have been lining their pockets with lobbying dollars that keeps our money flowing into the pump.

The report shows that in 2009, not only did they make billions in profit, but they were also paid as much as $156 million in tax money from the government.  That’s right!  FROM the government.  Can anyone out there making less than $30, 000 per year testify to having to PAY the federal government income taxes? 

We are not going to take this lying down are we?  Somebody get Jesse Jackson, Benjamin Jealous, Al Sharpton, hell! Spike Lee and John Legend on the phone!  It’s time we take it to the street!  The black community, which is being hit hard by unemployment, can be the first to kick it off!  Watch Uygur’s startling report here.  GET MAD! GET ANGRY! RADIOOOOOOOOOOO!

-J.C. Brooks



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