Detroit Landlord Making a Difference in Community, Killed (Video)

Detroit apartment complex owned by George McNichols.

One Detroit community is mourning the loss of an important member of its community.  An unlikely, transplanted member of the community from Australia that had what seemed to be the dream of helping a city as in need as New Orleans or any other tragedy stricken city.  The senseless murder has outraged those who knew him and they are helping to find the person who murdered him.

George McNichols, 45,  was the landlord of a two-story, 10-unit complex at the corner of Beniteau and Canfield on Detroit’s Eastside.  Him and his wife had relocated from California to make both a profit and a difference in a community and city that really needed it.  One of the residents of the apartment complex, Florida Benton, is seeking justice for her friend and landlord.

She described him to Detroit News as being a no-nonsense, but nice man who had given a female tenant plenty of chances to pay her rent, but she was late again and he was in an argument with her that escalated into the loss of his life.  Some unidentified man stepped out of a black Chevy Avalanche, shot him, got back in his truck and drove off.  Benton saw the whole thing as she returned from the grocery store getting ingredients for a soul food dish that would be used in their weekly cookout.

Check out this disturbing report on the local Fox News channel:



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