Bedbugs Now Carrying Superbug Germs?

Imagine being out at the cookout and getting bit by a harmless little flea or tick.  But, after a few days, you notice a rash that seems to be getting raw. The little harmless tick or flea that briefly latched on to your leg was infected with what the medical community refers to as “superbugs” or antibiotic resistant bugs that relentlessly eat flesh.

Well, this scenario is serious and there has been an actual case found in Canada….but with the infamous bedbugs!  According to MSNBC, three patients with five bedbugs were studied by researcher Marc Romney, of St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. Him and his team’s findings concluded that the bugs that used to be just considered a nuisance may be quite capable of spreading disease.

Bugs from two patients carried  antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the only antibiotic that could be used against it became vulnerable to the bacteria and thus resistant to that treatment as well.  One of the other bedbugs even tested positive for another type of superbug. According to a different researcher that wasn’t involved in the study, it is possible that this could “potentially affect all ectoparasites (including fleas and ticks, etc), but there is not much in the literature.”

Read more here.  This is more than scary if these bedbugs end up in Manhattan…or anyplace in the U.S.

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