Naked White Man Goes Biserk on New York Subway Attacks Black Passengers

New York City’s subways are known for out of control situations that happen on a daily basis.  The craziness that occurs there ranges from a level 1 to a level 10.  This particular episode is a level 15.  It appears that one of the passengers on board the subway train was able to videotape the entire incident that unfolded with a white man standing in his boxer shorts on board the train yelling the N-word to various passengers and escalated to him getting completely naked and tussling with a cop and a crowd!

The video will be even worse than I’m describing it.  The black cop, whom the weirdo couldn’t stop referring to as the N-word, couldn’t take him down by himself, so he enlisted the help of men in the crowd that had formed around the naked psycho.  He was violently screaming at everyone around him using racial slurs and jumping and running like an uncontrollable monkey.

Check it out.  Warning! There is a naked man on this video!

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