McDonald’s Prepares for $1 Billion Remodel

McDonald’s is getting tired of the old look and trying to step into the new millennium.  Several of the franchise’s locations have already been updated and are reaping the benefits of the new look.  One of America’s favorite fast food chains may not be recognizable from the details given so far.

According to USA Today, they have seen the numbers double at their Tampa location where the new look has already taken place.  They are going for the Starbuck’s look to make every customer feel more comfortable in their establishment.  McDonald’s is nearly 60-years old and it’s time to make the new crowd more comfortable.

Some of the changes include:

  • a focus on earth tones rather than red and yellow
  • faux leather chairs
  • more drive-through windows
  • adding flat-screen TVs
  • no more red roofs

And they are talking of getting rid of the McDonald’s signage.  So, you really may think you’re in a Starbucks and not a McDonald’s.  Sounds like they’re getting away from the family friendly environment and making it into a daytime “lounge.”

Check it out here.  USA Today got first peek.

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