Jokey Joke: President Obama Gives True Victory Speech…Rap! (Video)

Iman Crosson deliveres Obama's real victory speech.

If you felt cheated when President Obama told the nation that Osama was dead, well, he feels the same way.¬†It seems that those wanting to see the picture started that foolishness because they felt his speech was a little bland.¬† It needed a little more “umph!” in order for Americans to believe that Osama was really gone.

Wouldn’t the President feel a little more excited than that?¬† The nearly monotone speech left folks wondering if Osama had¬†even been captured.¬†¬†So, now Obama has allowed¬†White House staff¬†to release the real speech he prepared.¬† But they only agreed to it if he would release it under a body double.¬† They figured if he delivered it himself there would be more controversy that he might be starting a rap career.

Check it out!

-J.C. Brooks

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