Beyonce Spends A Salary on Leggings?


Why are folks talking about Beyonce’s leggings?  Is it because for what they cost she could have offered to fix a small, impoverished country’s water system?  Yes, she is going overboard with these leggings, but what are we doing to hold our celebrities accountable?

Look at the R. Kelly incident.  He went out and got all freaky deaky with a room full under age girls and at the end of the day we bought whatever he put out and kept it movin’ as though nothing ever happened.  This is not unusual. If we’re fans, we celebrate the stars for their actions.  They can do no wrong.

Queen Latifah, Robert Townsend, and Tyler Perry go out of their way to make wholesome films and what do we do? We bootleg it or we don’t support it at all.  Now look at Beyonce’s leggings and tell us if you see where the $100,000 went.  They are indeed fancy, but $100,000?  Hopefully, they’re made from 18karat gold orsomething like that because I simply can’t see it.

Read the rest of the story here and see other celebs who are living lavishly.

-J.C. Brooks

One thought on “Beyonce Spends A Salary on Leggings?”

  1. What a comparison. Beyonce’s tights to R. Kelly with his underage girls and the public supporting him. Come on J.C. Really

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