Montana Father Gives Toddler Son Marijuana for Cancer


Cash Hyde, 1, given "Marijuana Oil" by his dad, Mike Hyde, 27, to help him with stage IV cancer.

Most parents will say there is nothing they would not do for their children.  There’s one man who is really serious about that too.  He saw his son dying from cancer and he felt compelled to do something…no matter what he had to do.  Even if it meant he would have to treat him himself to keep him alive.

According to ABC News, Mike Hyde, 27, was watching his son fade away from him as the doctors tried to cure a stage IV tumor they discovered behind his optic nerve when he was only a year old.  A stage IV tumor means that the cancer has stricken other organs and Hyde’s son, Cash, was dying.  He was given aggressive chemo treatment, but it did nothing to cure the cancer.  It only hurt him more.  He didn’t eat for 40 days and Hyde jumped into action.  It was time to do whatever needed to be done.

The Montana dad went into his personal stash of medical marijuana, boiled it down and added olive oil to make his own treatment of Marijuana Oil.  It sounds crazy, but it seems he figured that his son was already being treated with chemicals, why not try something he’s researched and found is one of the best medications for nauseau and pain.

Doctors saw the baby get better within a couple weeks.  They’re calling it a miracle.  But is it?  He is cancer free!  Is marijuana more medically valuable to us than we’re being told and that’s why it’s being kept under a tight governmental grip?  Snoop Dogg seems to be in good health. 

Check out more of this phenomenal story here.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Montana Father Gives Toddler Son Marijuana for Cancer”

  1. Marijuana has been aiding people all over the world with sicknesses, therefore I am not surprised that it helped in this case! The medical professionals does not want us locals finding out about the effects of this substance because it would decrease there sales eventually….and thats all they really care about.( or maybe they’re not fully aware of the effects? who knows…..)

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