Celebrity Cradle Robbers Range 20+ Year Age Difference

It appears that the dating scene out there is limited for older white men.  They have singlehandedly shut down penny candy stores  all over Hollywood in an effort to find their soul mates.  Because surely they strolled all of the playgrounds in L.A.’s greater metro area with plenty of candy in their pockets to snag these gals.  Well, not in Calvin Klein’s case, also known as the King of the Cradle Robbers with a 47-year age difference between him and his lover.  He just grabbed up one of his male models.  And it appears he was seeking the best of both worlds with his “boy toy” also being a former porn star.

Some of the guys at the top of their game are Harrison Ford, Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood, even Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife, Linda Hogan,  throws her hat in the ring with a 20-somethin’ year old hot thang and a mere 30-year difference in age.  But Woody Allen gets the Nasty Man award though for marrying his adopted daughter, but also having an affair with her while married to Mia Farrow. (Technically, they viewed the daughter as Mia Farrow’s daughter and his step-adopted daughter.) That relationship was a gossip media dream.  All the details of this pedophile-like relationship out in the open for the world to see. In addition to the media frenzy started over their bitter custody battle and divorce, Farrow sought charges against Allen for molesting their other adopted son.

But it’s interesting that this trend is popular amongst white men.  Going back as far as Elvis Presley and his marriage to Priscilla, who was only 14 when they met.  She was so young, that she finished high school living with him in Graceland.  Did you hear about that scandal?  Hell no!  There was a 10-year age difference between them and at that time, no one even flinched at the relationship.  My, my, my, how the media has changed.  Check out the seniors with their younguns here.

-J.C. Brooks

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