Reality Shows Designed to Maintain Angry, Black Woman Stereotype

Ne Ne vs. Star on the Celebrity Apprentice

The hand on the hip, neck poppin’, eye rollin’, slick talkin’, black woman has long been perpetuated by the media machine…and she has helped them out.  In the latest stream of reality shows like the Real Housewives franchise, The Bad Girls Club, and must I say it again…the damn Donald’s Celebrity Apprentice, black women have come out on the short end of the stick and it’s ironic that they think they’ve been properly compensated for their roles.

The catfight between Jones and Leakes occurring on the Celebrity Apprentice is typical to Trump’s racist formula.  He knew exactly what would work for his show and he found his latest Omarosa in Ne Ne Leakes and Star Jones.  As high brow as Star would like to appear, she gets gutter as the rest of the media whores.  The most you can say, and I do mean MOST you can say about Ne Ne is that she is honest about who she is…at ALL times. Star Jones knows exactly what she’s being played for in her role on the show, yet she agrees to play the game.  So, who’s worse?  Who cares!  It all looks bad.

The real black woman that gets up with her children and HER HUSBAND every morning or those simply doing it for themselves or by themselves, educated, and working hard to break these stereotypes are in the battle of  their lives.  Facebook blew up with comments on how bad they felt about Ne Ne’s behavior on the Apprentice Sunday:

“ right now what wrong with nene I really dont like her now”

“She is a hot damn mess! She has no respect for anyone!!!”

And that is just a couple examples.  Newsweek’s Allison Samuels wrote an eye-opening article in The Daily Beast on the popular maintenance of stereotyping black women.  Women like the classic Diahann Carroll, Phylicia Rashad and Holly Robinson Peete all weighed in.  Check it out here and tell a friend.   The clock is ticking on repairing what these women have broken.

5 thoughts on “Reality Shows Designed to Maintain Angry, Black Woman Stereotype”

  1. Black women who are rich or well-off are a ghetto hot mess. They’ll say or do anything for lots of money or a paycheck. Then they go on Wendy Williams and say the dumbest shit about their dumb ass fights. Selling their souls to the devil is what they do best.

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