Detroit Stripper Fired for Not Prostituting, Sues (Video)

Detroit is known for its strip clubs and a lot of men flock to them nightly…women too.  The culture has been accepted and a nationwide reputation earned from it, but the problem some are having is that the women don’t want to do more than strip.  The women are asked to prostitute themselves and feel pressured to do so in order to keep their jobs.  But one stripper that was relieved of her duties is not taking it laying down, so to speak.

According to Fox News, Erica Tucker, 23, a former dancer called Ferrari at the Penthouse Club on the widely known 8 Mile Road in Detroit, was allegedly asked by her supervisors to prostitute herself.  But when she refused to sell her body, they fired her, according to her impending lawsuit against the club.  She said she saw other women perform oral sex and take cocaine in the bathroom.

The club’s owners are planning to fight back.  Check out the report here:



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