Lupe Fiasco Pays Homage to Gil Scott-Heron

Lupe Fiasco and Gil Scott-Heron

One of the most revolutionary artists of our time, Mr. Gil Scott-Heron, passed away last week and we are already feeling the loss.  The man, commonly referred to as the Godfather of Hip Hop, has all types of artists, entertainers, social activists, you name it, theycoming out to share their feeling of loss for this griot of truth.

Conscious hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco, appears to be following in his footsteps with Continue reading

We Remember: Brazilian Activist and Scholar Abdias do Nascimento

Abdias do Nascimento, brazil's activist scholar has died at 97 years old.

There are so many different sides to the man that Brazil celebrated for so long as its leading activist for democracy…for the African population. For many years, he tried to tell the truth that the country has shrouded behind an image of democracy, sort of like another country we’ve heard of.  But he took the time to show the many divisions in the country. 

Abdias do Nascimento died at the age of 97, from complications with diabetes, according to the New York Times.   The  nonagenarian spent his entire life trying to show the distinct differences in the classes of his country were divided by race.  Continue reading

PayPal Gives $100,000 to Keep Teens to 20 Year Olds Out of College

Co-founder for PayPal Peter Thiel

If someone sat down the nation’s children and told them not to bank on their college degrees to make them money, they would be doing them a great service.  This is especially true for those that understand that in these days and times a college degree does not keep anyone recession free.  Actually, it never has. The workforce has been shrinking daily according to a story in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago, but college  graduates are in no short supply.

So! For all of those entrepreneurial spirits out there that show great potential, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel has a proposition for you. He has created Continue reading

Is Congressman Really Tweeting Pics of His Junk?

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) accused of tweeting his junk.

If sex scandals keep flying out the closets of all these government officials at this rate, we’re going to have to check their backgrounds to find out if they left the priesthood to go into politics.  Obviously, one is no better than the other when it comes to this sex thing.  Now it appears that they’ve taken to sending out invitations to sex via photos. Continue reading

Consumer Alert: Is AT&T Fleecing America with Digital Charges? (Video)

Recently, the Today show exposed AT&T in a thorough report on the data usage fees they charge all of their iPhoneand iPad users. They are now in a class action lawsuit that states that AT&T “systematically overstated data usage by 7-14%.” They compared the data usage scam to a “rigged gas pump.”  Continue reading

Lady Gaga’s Infamous Meat Dress Shows Up in the Hood

Let me first say that this is wrong on several levels.  First, let’s start with the fact that homegirl was not original! Second, once caught being unoriginal, did not shy away from the cameras! No, she stood there in all her glory embracing the paparazzi as though her meats were the same caliber or premium meat that Lady Gaga wore in her dress. Third, She went the cheap route and didn’t purchase a dress! PLASTIC WRAP!?!? C’MON SON! Continue reading

Are You ‘Movin’ Like Bernie’ Too? (Videos)

We’ve seen some strange dance crazes come and go through our time, but this one has to be the dumbest so far.  I thought the Pee Wee Herman was a mess, but this takes the cake.  The dance is based on the 80’s film “Weekend at Bernie’s”  when these two guys carry their DEAD BOSS AROUND ALL WEEKEND. So, yes…he’s limp! Continue reading

‘Dark Girls’ Share Their Misery in America (Video)

There has always been a racial bias between dark women and light or white women. Hell! The racial playground of America has always pitted white against black.  But, when it comes to the women or shall I say mothers, something totally different happens.  The bias in America of course leans toward white women or what reminds America of white women…light women.  And if we’re going to have an honest conversation about this dilemma, there is a documentary waiting for you.

“Dark Girls” is a documentary directed by the legendary Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry, that touches the heart of, not just dark women, but the country that built the perception that dark African American women had Continue reading