The Celebration of ‘Real Women’ and Stretch Marks Has Begun!

The time after a woman has her first baby is one of the happiest, but also most difficult.  The problem starts around that seventh or eighth month when she isn’t sure whether she’ll be able to overthrow or conquer the belly in front of her after delivery.  All the tricks of breastfeeding to lose weight and 100 crunches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, do not provide any relief for the stretch marks, facial and/or skin issues that may have transformed her into someone she cannot connect with anymore.  Simply put, she doesn’t recognize that person anymore.

Bonnie Crowder was one of those women getting depressed about what had happened to her body.  She was thankful for the baby, but like all women that experience this transformation, she still yearned for the body she once knew and felt ashamed of the new one.  She thought her flabby belly was her own personal struggle until she caught a glimpse of a woman with an infant that looked like she was in great shape until the rise of her blouse revealed the infamous “flab.” 

In that moment she wanted to share with the world the great revelation that was inadvertently shared with her…flabby bellies are not a dirty little secret, they are a badge of honor and distinction for mothers everywhere.  So she decided to start “Shape of a Mother”, a website that exhibits the real images of women who have children.  Mothers mail in pictures of themselves and the pictures keep it real.  There is no airbrushing and shadow, just real women finally celebrating themselves.  They show off the  “stretch marks, C-section scars, dimply thighs and wonky breasts” for the world to see.  According to MSNBC, in the five years she’s had the site, she’s received over 1700 entries.

Crowder was compelled to start yet another site for other women that wanted to embark on the journey to loving their body at any size or shape, mother or not.  That site is called “This is a Woman”.  Read more on the report here.

-J.C. Brooks

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