History Proves Racist Roots of Trump and other Birthers (Video)


Goldie Taylor, contributing editor for the Grio, breaks down racist origins of birthers.

We would be doing a great disservice to our readers if we didn’t revisit the birther issue from a teaching perspective.  It’s time we got down to the nitty gritty of the issue.  Aside from the President of the United States having to prove his citizenship, where does the audacity to call him to task on this issue come from?  The “tea party” and “birthers” were never heard of before this country got its first African American President.  These groups are a direct response to him accepting the appointment.

Goldie Taylor, a contributing editor to the Grio, has broken down the racist element of these groups that we’ve always believed was present in their crusade.  The crusade they have led against our President was eloquently translated by Taylor on the night of the President’s submission of his long form birth certificate.  Taylor is not only eloquent in her delivery, but her historical perspective is captivating. 

Please do yourself a favor and listen attentively–she’s going to go fast. 

-J.C. Brooks



3 thoughts on “History Proves Racist Roots of Trump and other Birthers (Video)”

  1. This video by Ms. Goldie Taylor sent chills up and down my spine! I was able to witness the horror and injustice of her Great Grandfather’s experience with blatant racism more than a century ago. I was able to equate the experience of her relative to President Obama. I doubt if Ms. Goldie Taylor realizes it or not BUT her Grandfather was also speaking through her. He was speaking across the generations and she was the messenger. She’s very spiritual! WOW!! One can see spiritualism in her eyes and soul! She’s powerful!

  2. Those who claim that these issues raised about President Obama’s place of birth and all the strong rethoric is not about race have obviously never really had the black experience.
    When in this great country’s history has a president ever been asked to prove that he was a citizen of the US or had hie intellect questioned by a white man.
    I am British and white and I can say with certainty that what these people are really saying is that the president is not one of them and he is not intelligent like most black people but they are just finding unique ways to channel their racist views why crying out loud that it’s not about race.
    Was Bush’s intellect ever challenged even though his decision making and vocalbulary were borderline retarded. He somehow graduated from Yale. It is about race as much as it was when the nazis where murdering Jews while claiming the Jews were causing anarchy and destroying the German society. Racists will always find convinient ways to explain and rationalize there views and actions.

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