Big Screen Opens Up to More Penis?

Hollywood has never had a problem putting naked women on screen.  The film industry has always been open to it.  Full frontal seems to have been a rite of passage for the women, but what about the men?   Can you remember the last time penis was prevalent on the big screen? No one can.  But, every man in America, black or not, can remember the first time they saw Pam Grier naked.  That in itself was a rite of passage for young men…and old.

But now, The Daily Beast’s Chris Lee has taken a look behind the curtain to explore how the film industry has opened up to the idea of sharing more schlong with moviegoers.  It appears that the cable series’ have singlehandedly taken the male full frontal to the next level by giving more than a peak during their episodes.  In case you want to do your own research ladies, the shows are Starz’s Spartacus: Blood and Sand and HBO’s Game of Thrones that get raw on a regular basis.

But for some reason, showing the penis has really been a taboo in Hollywood.  It’s almost as if the male-driven industry didn’t want to fall short on screen, so to speak.  It is still a taboo amongst black men, but…well…you can come up with your own theory there.  You know what the stereotype says.  And no one wants that one proven to be true.  So to keep the competition down, black men are still covered.

Read Lee’s take on the formerly penis-less industry here.

2 thoughts on “Big Screen Opens Up to More Penis?”

  1. But is a little problem. A naked woman don’t expose her vulva, because in every movie that i see they have a lot of pubic hair. The man instead have not, they are more exposed and is not fair. So here is not a fair play, to say so, because a woman is “protect” with pubic hair, nothing is visible. I hate the movies that show man genitals!

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