Women Surpass Men in Advanced Degrees

The 1950’s housewife has all but vanished.  The rise of the new “househusband” is on the horizon and becoming  more prominent by the day.  Women have taken advantage of getting an education and have reconfigured their position in the home with the opportunities their education have afforded them.

According to MSNBC, women have been ahead of men in Bachelor’s degrees since 1996, but now, for the first time, women are surpassing men in more advanced degrees as well.  New census data shows that 37 percent of women ages 24 and older and 35 percent of men in the same age group have advanced degrees.  In real numbers, 10.6 million women have master’s degrees or higher, compared to 10.5 million men.

Slim margin between them, but that is a major advancement that depicts the development of the American household.  More men are self-proclaimed stay-at-home dads because of this new trend. But women still are behind in the workforce when it comes to pay.  Women with full-time jobs still only earn 78.2 percent of what their fellow man earns.  And that number has gone up by 14 percent since 2000.

Check out more on the report here while we give another man directions to Wal-mart…he’s low on diapers.

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