Woman Dates Man Online Gives Him $10,000 …then He Dies?

Janna St. James also known as the fireman boyfriend of Paula Bonhomme.

There is some desperate women out here these days.  They are not only going out stalking men down at church, school, and work.  But once they catch him, they pay for the date, pay the child support he has with other women, bail him out, let him chill at home while she goes to work and the most popular, have his baby to keep him.  But not this one. This case is a little more peculiar than all the others because it involves online dating.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman, Paula Bonhomme, was seduced by the “fireman” through e-mails and her friends later discovered that the fireman was really a creation of a woman named Janna St. James,  from Chicago, Illi., Bonhomme met her fireman in a chat room for the  TV series ‘Deadwood’  in 2005.  She thought she was in a storybook romance with her one true love.  Turns out he was a SHE! And she had been bilked out of $10,000 dollars before the caper was over. 

Read here on how deep the scam went.  St. James took it to the absolute limit.  She even thought that she’d fake her death to end the relationship.

-J.C. Brooks

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