Teenager Shoots Student in front of Elementary School

Another senseless act of violence has erupted in Chicago.  There have been numerous horrific crimes against young people in the Windy City and this is yet another.  The student was shot down in front of a crowd of south side elementary students as the school was in the midst of dismissal.  Two rival gang members, both under the age of 15 taking a Facebook fight to the streets.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a 14-year old boy walked up to a 12-year old in front of Cook Elementary and shot him in front of all the students being dismissed for the day.  He has turned himself in and the 12-year old has been listed in stable condition.  But the shooter has to answer to the law now.  He is being charged as a juvenile with one count of aggravated battery with a firearm and one count of attempted first-degree murder.

This case harkins back to the case of honor student, Derrion Albert, a couple years ago.  It is one of the most infamous and horrific crimes out of Chicago.  Albert was an honor student who was stomped and beaten to death with train ties. The assailants were also part of gangs and Albert was caught in the crossfire. 

Read more here.  God bless the families of these children.  It’s time to talk.  Parents get your kids off of Facebook!

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  1. Just as a point of clarification: Albert was killed by high school students and not gang members. It was the result of an ongoing problem in Fenger H. S. that had nothing to do with street gangs but simply what neighborhood the students lived in.

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