Love Your Haters Day!

President Barack Obama has officially anointed today, “Love Your Haters Day!” with his official shutdown of Donald Trump and the rest of the birther nation on the issue of his citizenship.  He and Tyler Perry have finally faced their haters, Donald Trump and Spike Lee, in an effort to exhibit what real progress looks like in the face of adversity.

A writer from site, wrote a nice little note to expose the disparities between the intellect of the hater and the movers and shakers.  There is nothing more sumptuous for the hater to nibble on than a person that is trying.  Tyler Perry has a long list of accomplishments that Spike Lee refuses to acknowledge. Did Spike want to be the only game in town for black actors beginning their careers?  Because Tyler Perry has been employing young actors as well as legendary actors at an alarming rate.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see them join hands and build a progressive African American movie production theatre to add on to the one that Tyler has already built?  They could singlehandedly be a major powerbroker for minorities in Hollywood to get films made and actors employed.

Donald Trump … well, some battles are hopeless.  There’s no need for the President to lower his standard of ethics and intellect to build anything with him.  Read this take on the hating here.

-J.C. Brooks

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