Trump Now Asks How Obama Got Into Ivy League Schools (Video)

Donald Trump was once a respected businessman that most of us had indifferent feelings for, but now there appears to be a little racist innuendo floating around his head with his personal attacks on President Obama.  He used to have the persona of a powerful, but harmless, funny, businessman that could take a joke, but that side of him was associated with his TV image on the Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. Now with his public alignment with the ultra conservatives it’s clear that he is not a friend.  Repeat! He is not a friendly!

It’s hard to believe that he is educated at all, much less ivy league educated when he is going after the President on the issues of being an American and now even more ludicrous, to ask about his ivy league education.  According to CBS, he now has the audacity to ask how he could have possibly got into an ivy league school.  I’m sorry! I don’t mean to go “race” on you, but there certainly seems to be racist remnants littered throughout Trump’s inquiries.  He wonders how he could be an ivy league educated student with the unfounded rhetoric that Obama was a “terrible student”?  What?  He is the first African American to serve as President of Harvard’s Law Review.  Harvard should issue a statement not only debunking Trump’s claims, but also embarrassing him with notes on his educational background that seem more suspect with these types of claims against President Obama.

If you don’t watch Ed Schultz on MSNBC, here’s your chance to get a great lesson on why Trump is the perfect republican candidate for the presidential election of 2012.  Stop supporting him by watching his show Celebrity Apprentice this season too.  The one weapon against rich dummies like him is to hit them where it hurts them the most…the pockets! 

-J.C. Brooks

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