Missing North Carolina Teen’s Body Recovered in Maryland River (Video)

The relentless 4-month manhunt for a North Carolina honor student who had been in Baltimore visiting over the Christmas break has ended in tragedy.  The young woman’s naked body was found in Maryland’s Susquehanna River on Wednesday.  Authorities also found a man’s body during the search.  A tattoo on her right leg confirmed her identity.

Phylicia Barnes, 16, had come to Baltimore to spend time with her half sister during Christmas break.  The last time anyone heard from her is in a post on Facebook where she said she was at her sister’s apartment with her sister’s boyfriend.  That note seems suspicious in itself.  Why would she write that she was with her sister’s boyfriend rather than simply “I’m at my sister’s home in Baltimore” ?

Now, Police are at stage one of a brand new investigation into what happened to Barnes.  The work still has to be done to find out what could have possibly been the cause of her demise.  She would’ve turned 17 in January.  She was set to graduate early and go off to college.  She was a beloved member of her North Carolina community where her classmates gathered to pray and think of her during the beginning of the investigation into her disappearance.  There was also a Facebook page “Pray for Phylicia Barnes” set up for people around the country to express their concern and sentiment.

Rest in peace Phylicia Barnes and God bless her parents.

-J.C. Brooks

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