Cleveland Woman Drives Car Through Crowd in McDonald’s Parking Lot (Video)

First it was Detroit, now Cleveland is in the news with even worse publicity for the city’s black community.  A local community was having a harmless job fair…I say again…JOB FAIR, when a couple black women who came to the fair together ended up in a battle with others attending the job fair.  Is it possible that the job situation is so strained there that they thought they would somehow miss their opportunity to be considered for a job?  But, how does it escalate to the point where one of the women run over a crowd of people at the fair?

When Cleveland’s local ABC affiliate reported on the incident, the driver, Stacy Matthews, had not yet turned herself in.  But yesterday, she surrendered to police at 11am.  Check out the report, but be warned it is a little graphic because one of the innocent bystanders videotaped the car plowing into the crowd.

-J.C. Brooks

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