‘Parents, Don’t Dress Your Girls Like Tramps’ by LZ Granderson

CNN's LZ Granderson

The way that girls are dressing these days cannot be blamed on “these days.”  The 1960’s may have been the beginning of the end of conservative dress.  The flower children age came into being, drugs, and freedom above all other things prevailed.  The country opened up and so did the dress for women.  Keyword being … WOMEN.  Take a stroll down Soul Train memory lane and there will definitely be a few outfits that will raise an eyebrow or two, but again, these clothes are on…women. 

CNN’s LZ Granderson, their roving reporter covering the opinion section for the news center, fielded the comments from America on  “Who’s to blame if kids look like tramps?” He gives great insight into the corporate responsibility on the issue, but also parenting and the entertainment industry.  As we are all aware, these are the three major areas that have to be revamped as they pertain to our children.

Granderson essentially makes the case that parents need to get more into the business of being parents.  The blame on corporations should be relaxed and more responsibility taken by the parents who buy their product.  One commenter made the case that “humans run corporations.” Granderson stepped in to remind that person that they do not.  MONEY runs corporations and we give them plenty of it. 

The entertainment industry was blamed as well.  One commenter wanted to blame Madonna.  And Granderson said, “You’re absolutely right! It’s all Madonna’s fault! And Beyonce and Lady Gaga.”  But once again, he brought that complaint back into perspective.  The term “prostitots” was even thrown in there.  Check him out.

-J.C. Brooks

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