‘Intrusive’ Abortion Laws Signed for Oklahoma Includes Felony Charges

Oklahoma's Republican Governor that has passed two of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country

Oklahoma is the newest state chiming in on the abortion issue.  The governor not only signed a bill that would prevent a woman from making a decision to abort after 20 weeks, she made sure that her law would be followed by signing yet another bill stating that health insurance would not allow the procedure either. 

Gov. Mary Fallin’s decision to sign these two bills into law will impact all other states’ bills being reviewed on the issue of abortion.  The first bill she signed is called the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” that says the child is capable of feeling pain at 20 weeks and any doctor caught performing the procedure will be brought up on felony charges. Of course there is some exclusions, but none that cover the full range of dilemmas the mother may be facing.  Federal law states that an abortion can be performed up to 24 weeks.   This makes Oklahoma one of the strictest anti-abortion states in the country.

The other bill puts the cherry on top of extreme by stating that health insurance plans in Oklahoma offered under the new federal health care law will prevent all “elective” abortions.  So, this translates to state based insurance and President Obama.  Basically, if Obama was trying to make sure that EVERYONE has insurance, that insurance–especially as it pertains to low income mothers–will be invalid for abortions.

Does it sound like there is an infringement on basic rights here?  That seems illegal right?  Well, whatever we might feel, she was allowed to push it through as LAW.  Let’s see if the state makes a stink about this one.  Don’t any of you other states get any bright ideas.  But certainly if Oklahoma doesn’t make a stink other states will get on board and Republican agendas will begin to be passed at an alarming rate.  What they can’t get done on the federal side, they will get done on the state side.  Watch ’em.  It already seems like a peculiar rise in Republican governors in Democratic states throughout the nation. We’re going to have to check into that issue for you as well.

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