Kindergartner’s Gun Falls from Pocket, Injures Him and Others

6-year old being transported by paramedics from school shooting at Ross Elementary in Houston, Tx.

Kindergarten hasn’t changed much over the years.  There is an ebb and flow of guns and drugs circulating through the playground at any given time over the last 25 years.  Now we have a kindergartner that brought his pistol to school, dropped it out of his pocket, and injured himself and his classmates.

Houston’s Ross Elementary was home to this incident Tuesday.  The 6-year old’s gun went off and injured the child in the foot along with another 6-year old boy and 5-year old girl.  Houston Independent School District Assistant Police Chief Robert Mock told the media that it appears that the gun went off in the cafeteria “spraying fragments” but none of the injuries were life threatening. 

What’s wrong with this picture?  Does that story sound like it should be commonplace in America today?  Why is it that this type of story seems normal?  We should not be facing these types of hurdles when sending our child to school–especially Kindergarten!  This should be a shocking story that compels us to hit the streets with picket signs and threats to shut the school down until administrators find a way to keep our children safe.  Or should the ball fall in the court of parents and guardians of the children?  Let us know what you think a proper solution to this type of incident should be?

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