Chili’s Serves 4-Year Old a ‘Mudslide’ Instead of Chocolate Shake

Tyree Davis and her four-year old daughter Brooklyn, who was served a Mudslide instead of a chocolate shake at a Chili's in Chicago.

The restaurant chains across America are getting the nation ready to go back to home cooking.  It’s time to put the restaurants out of business anytime you take your family to a restaurant and your child is served an alcoholic beverage. Is there any possible way that the latest incidents can be considered mistakes–especially when one was served in a kiddy cup?

According to NBC Chicago, Tyree Davis had taken her daughter to Chili’s and she ordered her daughter a chocolate shake. But, when her four-year old daughter, Brooklyn, received the drink and didn’t want to finish it, she thought something was strange.  Davis said the waitress tried to take the drink, but it was too late.  She wanted the manager and she was holding on to the drink.

We just reported the incident in Rochester, Mi., last week, when the 1-year old was given a Margarita. Now this?  The restaurant didn’t deny accusations made in the Michigan case, but Chili’s says they have a different interpretation of the events.  What do you think?  Mistakes, racist attacks, or obscene pranks? Or do you think she’s lying and copycatting off last week’s incident? What should we do about it?

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-J.C. Brooks

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