Air Traffic Controller Caught Watching Sam Jackson’s ‘Cleaner’ on Hot Mic

The people out there that are scared to fly have been scared to fly for reasons just like this.  They’ve been telling us how planes could possibly crash into one another for years.  Well, if they don’t get these air traffic controllers some sleep  that is going to be a reality sooner than later.  One controller thought if he snuggled up to a good movie, maybe that would keep him from dozing off.  Only problem with that was that he let everyone in the friendly skies know what he was doing.

According to the Grio, Thanks to an Oberlin, Oh. controller who got his microphone stuck in transmit mode, everyone knows the ending to Samuel L. Jackson’s 2007 flick “Cleaner.”  The controller’s mic acts like a walkie talkie.  When it was on, he was unable to hear incoming calls and he didn’t send any instructions to planes during the 3-minute incident.  That may sound like a little bit of time, but it’s months in air traffic control time. 

He wasn’t aware that of his actions until a military pilot found an alternate way to contact him. The seriousness of being unavailable during a controller’s air time has led to this controller as well as a manager and nine other controllers suspension since late March.  If they don’t find a way for the late shift controllers to get some rest, we all are going to become paranoid of flying…for good reason.

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